Chicken, duck, fish and meat always want to eat three meals a day. I haven’t eaten chicken for a long time, so I made three cups of chicken and put my favorite vegetables. They are not greasy, but more delicious ~


Half a chicken
A carrot
A potato
A taro
Quail eggs
Proper amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
Proper amount of salt
Proper cooking wine
Proper soy sauce
A rock candy


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients and wash them

Step 2
Marinate the chicken with ginger salt cooking wine and soy sauce for more than half an hour

Step 3
Cut carrot, taro and potato into large pieces

Step 4
Heat the oil and fry the chicken

Step 5
Add garlic

Step 6
Pour carrots, taros and potatoes in and stir fry evenly

Step 7
Then pour it into the rice cooker

Step 8
Add quail egg salt cooking wine soy sauce rock sugar

Step 9
Put it in the rice cooker and press the cooking button to steam for an hour

Step 10
Steam and stir evenly to get out of the pot