There is a saying in the North: it’s better to pour than to be comfortable, and it’s better to eat than dumplings. Today I recommend a very pleasant little dumpling. The name also implies that “Sixi fried dumplings” are colorful and nutritious. Each steamed dumpling is made of five materials. It is a good choice for entertaining guests and dealing with children who don’t like to eat.


Proper flour
4 eggs
2 tomatoes
1 ham sausage
A little corn kernels
A little green beans
A little carrot
A little salt
A little oil


Step 1
Making dumpling stuffing: tomato and egg stuffing

Step 2
Preparation materials: corn kernels, peas, diced carrots, diced ham

Step 3
Make dumpling skin. The dumpling skin is one circle larger than usual

Step 4
Put tomato and egg stuffing in the middle of the dumpling skin

Step 5
First fold and pinch both sides of the dumpling skin

Step 6
Then hold the other two sides against each other

Step 7
Fill the corners with different fillings

Step 8
Pour edible oil into the hot pot and start frying dumplings

Step 9
Add a bowl of water, cover and simmer until cooked, and then dry the soup.

Step 10
Place the fried Sixi fried dumplings on the table