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1100 g grass carp
200g fish and sauerkraut
50g pickled ginger
25g pickled pepper
Half an egg white
50g fat meat
50g Huadiao wine
3 G pepper
5g chicken essence
8g dry pepper
10g scallion flower


Step 1
One live grass carp, knock out with a knife, scrape off the scales with the back of the knife, and dig out the gills at the root of the knife. Open the back of the fish, press the back of the knife to break the head, open the belly and take out the viscera. Don't break the gall. It will be very hard to break the gall. Scrape off the black film inside the belly of the fish, otherwise it will taste bitter. Remove the teeth of the fish, otherwise it will suffer.

Step 2
Cut off the head of the fish, shave off the big bone of the fish, remove the big bone of the fish (fish steak), slice the fish with a slant knife (45 degrees), marinate the fish with beer for 20 minutes (the fish will be white, elastic and not easy to scatter). Cut the fish bone and head into pieces.

Step 3
Cut the fish and sauerkraut into shreds (according to your taste), wash with water and squeeze out the water.

Step 4
Soak ginger and cut it into slices for later use. Pickled pepper cut from the middle, how much to decide, too little no taste.

Step 5
Pour out the soaked fish fillets and squeeze the water gently with the palm of your hand. Add the right amount of salt, and then add the raw meal and half of the egg white. Add a small amount of oil to grab the fish (there will be no adhesion when the fish fillets are placed behind).

Step 6
Heat the pan to remove the proper amount of oil, light the pan and let the oil stick around the pan, put in the fish head and bone, turn the pan and fry slowly over low heat. Turn it over and fry the other side. After frying, add the right amount of Huadiao wine, turn to high heat, cover the pot and simmer for 15 seconds, add the right amount of water, cover the pot and simmer for 10 minutes. Pour out the rich soup.

Step 7
Slice the right amount of fat, heat the pot, pour in the fat, add the right amount of water, cook the fat over high heat. When the water is about to dry, turn it into a low heat and slowly fry out the oil. When there is too much oil, the pig skin will explode. Pull the fat meat to the edge of the pot, turn to medium heat, pour in pickled ginger, pickled pepper and fish sauerkraut, and stir fry. Add appropriate amount of water to stir fry, stir fry the flavor of sauerkraut, remove the dryness of pepper.

Step 8
Stir fry until fragrant. Pour in the fish bone soup and simmer for 3 minutes. Turn down the heat. Remove all the fish bone soup with a colander. Then put in the fillets, turn to high heat, bring the fish soup to a boil, push the fillets to pieces, add pepper and chicken essence and push them, finally put the fillets into a bowl.

Step 9
After the fish soup is thickened with proper amount of flour water, it will stick to the fillets more easily. Garnish the bowl with dry pepper and scallion; Pour a spoonful of hot oil and serve.