In summer, when the weather is hot, many people will have no appetite and don’t want to eat, but a bowl of refreshing fried sauce noodles has become people’s favorite in midsummer. Noodles over cold water, eat it called a refreshing! Men who can eat eat three big meals at a time. No problem after beating!


150g streaky pork
200g noodles
Three cucumbers
A carrot
20 beans
250g northeast sauce
1 ginger
2 shallots
1 Bian radish
A spoonful. Chicken essence
Clove garlic


Step 1
Peel pork and cut 0.5cm Diced Pork

Step 2
Prepare green onion, ginger foam and big stuff

Step 3
Pour the sauce into a bowl, put chicken essence, a little sweet flour sauce and a little salt.

Step 4
Put oil in the pot, add onion and ginger, and burst out the flavor

Step 5
Stir fry pork and turn completely white

Step 6
Pour the sauce diluted with water into the pot, turn it over medium heat and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.

Step 7
Until the sauce is sticky, sprinkle some sesame oil and the sauce will be ready

Step 8
Shred cucumbers and carrots, cut beans into small pieces, and boil noodles in boiling water for about ten minutes