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400g tenderloin
20G (leaf) green garlic
20G scallion
10g egg white
9g raw extract
15g wet starch
12g cooking wine
70g broth
6G ginger juice
6 grams of soy sauce
9g vinegar
3 G sesame oil
3 g salt


Step 1
First, cut 400g pork tenderloin into thick slices.

Step 2
Soak in clean water.

Step 3
Cut the scallion and garlic leaves into wider shreds.

Step 4
Take a bowl, put shredded green onion and shredded green garlic into it, and add the seasoning:

Step 5
Next, squeeze the pork dry and put it into a bowl.

Step 6
Put oil into the frying pan, oil the meat slices, and put the meat when the oil temperature is about 30% hot.

Step 7
Remove the meat and drain the excess oil.

Step 8
Put the meat slices into the pot again, stir the [juice] made before, and then pour them into the pot.

Step 9
Stir fry quickly and mix the meat slices and [juice] evenly.

Step 10
Well, the meat will be ready after you go to the private room.