The most authentic method of the classic Sichuan dish Gongbao diced chicken is the relevant information about the classic Sichuan dish. It mainly expounds that Gongbao diced chicken, a traditional famous Sichuan dish, is fried with diced chicken, dried pepper, peanuts and so on. Because its entrance is fresh and spicy, the freshness of chicken and the crispness of peanuts are widely welcomed by the public. Especially in western countries such as Britain and the United States, kung pao chicken is “rampant” and almost synonymous with Chinese food, which is similar to spaghetti in Italian food..


250 chicken breast meat
100g peanuts
50g corn kernels
30g green beans
1 ginger
50ml carrot
5 dried peppers
1 tablespoon cooking wine
Appropriate amount of starch
1 tablespoon delicious


Step 1
1. Wash and dice chicken, marinate with egg white, salt and starch, and mix evenly. 2 Wash and mince garlic, 3 Heat the edible oil in the pot, fry the diced chicken in the pot, remove and drain the oil, 4 Leave a little oil in the pot, saute the dried pepper and garlic until fragrant, then add the diced chicken and stir fry, 5 Finally, add soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, water, starch and sesame oil, stir well and thicken, and finally add peanuts and stir well.

Step 2
I forgot to take photos during the process and took one at the end of the meal.