The Mid Autumn Festival reunion dishes are on the table. Every family is lively and happy,


Appropriate amount of Dutch beans
Proper amount of Pleurotus eryngii
2 tablespoons salt
A few drops of oil
Half a spoonful of sugar
1 tablespoon white vinegar
Half a spoonful of sesame oil
Appropriate amount of mustard
Two spoonfuls of water


Step 1
Wash the lotus beans in water,

Step 2
Wash Pleurotus eryngii,

Step 3
Cut the Dutch beans into shreds,

Step 4
Shredded Pleurotus eryngii,

Step 5
Boil water, a spoonful of salt and a few drops of oil,

Step 6
Cook the lotus beans and apricot abalone mushrooms in cold water,

Step 7
Juice: salt, sugar, white vinegar, sesame oil, mustard, purified water,

Step 8
Remove the moisture from the shredded vegetables and put them into the mold for shaping,

Step 9
Add some decoration and drizzle with juice.