Frost, winter! We’re not afraid. Let’s make a pot of hot tomato pimple soup. Drink a warm, sour and appetizing soup. The white pimples in the soup are slippery and delicious. It’s really delicious! I think it’s really delicious!


170 g high powder
3 eggs
1 tomato
A little shallot
3 slices of ginger


Step 1
Prepare scallions and ginger slices (because children don't eat ginger, I cut them into large pieces and pick them out before children eat)

Step 2
Peel and slice the tomatoes

Step 3
Put the flour in a larger container, turn on the faucet and minimize the water flow to form a trickle,

Step 4
Let the water drip into the flour bit by bit and stir gently and constantly with chopsticks

Step 5
It will form small lumps, independent, clean, non adhesive, no large pieces, no batter.

Step 6
Heat the pan with oil and pour in ginger slices and scallion

Step 7
After the onion and ginger burst out, pour in the tomatoes. Stir fry

Step 8
Stir fry the tomatoes until thick, add 2 large cups of water and bring to a boil

Step 9
Put in the dough pimples: turn down the fire and keep it boiling. Sprinkle the prepared dough pimples into the pot bit by bit. Stir with the end bowl in the left hand and chopsticks in the right hand. Add salt and mix well

Step 10
Pour in the eggs. The egg liquid is slowly poured into the pot in a circle, and pushed from the side of the pot to the center with a spoon. In this way, the shape is beautiful. Finally, sprinkle with scallions and take out of the pot.