The taste of this dish maintains the consistent style of Guangdong cuisine, sweet and delicious, smooth and fresh, and the elegant plate has a strong Festival flavor. The method is also very simple. The “gold and silver treasure” can be eaten alone or wrapped with lettuce. They are very delicious. It’s a dish suitable for holiday family dinner.


12 tapes
4 Japanese Tofu
1 lettuce
50g cashew nuts
1 egg


Step 1
  Materials, seasonings and marinades are ready

Step 2
Wash scallops and drain. Cut red peppers into circles and set aside

Step 3
Japanese tofu is cut from 1 / 3, and one tofu is cut into 3 sections, a total of 12 sections

Step 4
Wash lettuce and drain

Step 5
Marinate scallops with ginger, cooking wine, salt, sugar and pepper for 15 minutes

Step 6
Break up the eggs, then put the Japanese tofu into the egg wrapping liquid, and then dip it in the starch bowl

Step 7
Put oil in the pan and heat to 30 degrees. Add Japanese tofu

Step 8
Fry the tofu into golden yellow and remove. Drain the oil and set aside

Step 9
Heat the oil in another pot, fry the cashew nuts in the pot, slowly fry them yellow over low heat, and remove them for use

Step 10
Put oil in another pot and add scallops and red pepper

Step 11
Put the fried tofu in and thicken it

Step 12
Put the fried cashew nuts into the pot and mix well. Then put them on a plate

Step 13
Boil the water in another pot, add a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of oil, then blanch the lettuce for 10 seconds, immediately supercooled and drain the water; The rest of the lettuce is cooled and boiled. Drain the water and set aside

Step 14
The edge of the plate is decorated with rabbits cut from orchids, coriander and virgin fruit

Step 15
Put the "full house of gold and silver" on the lettuce