The meat of oysters can be eaten raw. The most authentic way to eat oysters is to directly cut open the oysters attached to stones on the beach and pick out the meat to eat raw. However, this practice introduced to you today is not eaten raw, but it tastes as delicious.


100g oysters
2 eggs
A little diced carrot
A little scallion
A little white pepper
A little starch
A little vegetable oil


Step 1
Get all the ingredients ready.

Step 2
First knock the eggs into a large bowl, add a little white pepper and break the eggs.

Step 3
Rinse the oysters, drain and mix well with a little starch.

Step 4
Then pour into the egg liquid and mix well again.

Step 5
Then cut some diced carrots and scallions, pour them into the egg liquid and mix them briefly.

Step 6
When all is ready, replace the air fryer with four discs, set the frying mode to heat, apply a little vegetable oil, and pour in the egg liquid.

Step 7
When you feel that there is obvious heat on the surface of the baking pan, turn it to 140 degrees, pour in the prepared egg liquid, cover the pot cover, stew and fry for 6-8 minutes, remove the cover, gently shovel it from the edge, turn it over and fry it for about 1 minute.