Tempura rice ball


250g glutinous rice
250g rice
300g shrimp
0.2g salt
100g starch
5g sesame
5g white sesame
1 piece of roasted seaweed
2 eggs
100g flour
Proper blending oil
50ml sushi vinegar


Step 1
Remove the head, thread, coat and tail of the shrimp, and cut the tendons of the abdomen with scissors to straighten it.

Step 2
Hook tempura liquid with egg liquid, flour and starch.

Step 3
Dip the shrimp with flour.

Step 4
Dip in tempura liquid.

Step 5
Deep fry in oil pan until crisp. Remove and set aside.

Step 6
Half black and white sesame seeds, clean them and bake them in a frying pan for standby.

Step 7
Steamed rice and rice, put them in a container, mix in sushi vinegar and salt, and add fried sesame.

Step 8
Take the plastic wrap, spread the prepared rice on the plastic wrap, and then put the fried shrimp on it.

Step 9
Wrap the rice ball tightly to avoid spreading. Then cut the roasted seaweed into strips and wrap it around the prepared rice ball.

Step 10
Made rice balls, babies. The last one was black. I rolled the rice ball in sesame. It tastes delicious.