Sichuan flavor, northeast eating method, spicy side dishes with their own flavor deployment.


500 Coriolis
250 g garlic sprouts
250 grams of lettuce
2 parsley
A little cucumber
A little carrot
A small amount of green pepper and red pepper
10 pieces of dried pepper
2 / 1 bag of Douban chili sauce
A little onion, ginger and garlic


Step 1
Sweet potato starch

Step 2
Side dishes

Step 3
Stir fried seasoning

Step 4
Vegetables of your choice

Step 5
Green vegetables

Step 6
Egg white, cooking wine, soy sauce, chicken powder.

Step 7
Water, starch, a little oil.

Step 8
Mix well and taste for half an hour.

Step 9
Boiled meat seasoning bag

Step 10
Fried meat, spicy oil, sweet potato starch.

Step 11
The vegetables are boiled or fried in oil,

Step 12
Fried chili sauce

Step 13
Boil the meat slices in boiling water with spices, and cook them one by one.

Step 14
Cut the meat out of the pot.

Step 15
Gravy, seasoning, thicken, mixed vegetables.

Step 16
Put the sliced meat on the dish, put the dry pepper, pepper and side dish.

Step 17
Oil hot, quickly pour into the pepper above the fragrance, mix can eat.