Taro Dongpo meat is delicious. Inhale the oil in the meat with taro. The East skin meat is not oily, and the taro is more delicious.


500g streaky pork
500g taro
1 tablespoon salt
500g vegetable oil
20G black Douchi


Step 1
Prepare pork and taro

Step 2
Pan fry pork in oil and peel taro

Step 3
Black Douchi

Step 4
Taro slices

Step 5
Put it in a hot oil pan

Step 6
Fried incense

Step 7
Fried Taro

Step 8
Meat slice

Step 9
Add black bean sauce

Step 10
Put salt

Step 11
Mix well

Step 12
A piece of taro and a piece of meat in a bowl

Step 13
Put it into a steamer and steam it over water

Step 14
High pressure for half an hour, steamed glutinous rice

Step 15
Steamed taro and meat

Step 16
Buckle up a big bowl

Step 17
Turn it upside down and serve it