This taro cake is recommended by a Baoma,


180 g sticky rice noodles
380g taro
360 grams of water
1 sausage
3 garlic
20G shrimp
Proper amount of oil
Appropriate amount of five spice powder
Right amount of black pepper
Moderate salt


Step 1
Prepare the required materials, peel taro, wash and dice, dice sausage, wash shrimps and drain. Chop the garlic.

Step 2
Mix 180 g sticky rice flour and 360 g clear water in a bowl.

Step 3
Heat the oil in the pan and fry the garlic until fragrant.

Step 4
Add the sausage, stir fry the shrimps, and serve.

Step 5
Add 1 tbsp oil into the frying pan, add the taro, stir fry slowly over medium low heat until the skin hardens.

Step 6
Stir the sausages and shrimps in the frying pan.

Step 7
Add in the prepared slurry water (stir again with a spoon before use to avoid precipitation). Mix well and turn off the fire.

Step 8
Brush the steaming pan with cooking oil.

Step 9
Pour the taro paste into the steaming pan and steam for 30 minutes. To judge whether the taro cake is cooked, you can use chopsticks to insert it to see if it is solid in the middle.

Step 10
Demould when it's cold and cut into pieces.

Step 11
If you can't finish the frozen food, it will be delicious after frying.