After the Spring Festival, the temperature is sometimes cold and sometimes hot, which is easy to make people catch cold repeatedly. In this way, you can drink more cold expelling soup – TAIZISHEN Lily lean meat soup. Lily has the effect of clearing and moistening lung dryness, and Pseudostellaria heterophylla can replenish qi and benefit the middle and lung. After adding Siraitia grosvenorii to relieve cough and phlegm, the taste of the whole soup tends to be clear and sweet. It is a very famous Cantonese dish soup for preventing cold, especially effective for dry cough after cold.


400g lean pork
40g Radix Pseudostellariae
40g Lily
2 Siraitia grosvenorii
Moderate salt


Step 1
Wash the lean pork, wash the radix Pseudostellariae, Lily and Siraitia grosvenorii

Step 2
Boil a pot of water, blanch the lean pork, remove the bloodstain and cut it into large pieces.

Step 3
Put all the ingredients into the pot together, add some water, bring to a boil over high fire, add lean meat and simmer for 1 ~ 2 hours.

Step 4
Put some salt into the pot before cooking.