Look, does it look like tai chi Bagua array! Can you imagine that this is made of yam paste and black sesame?


2 iron stick yams
Appropriate amount of black sesame powder
Proper milk


Step 1
Wash yam, cut into sections and peel

Step 2
Steam yam and crush it

Step 3
Add an appropriate amount of milk and stir (the amount of milk can make the yam mud into a semi viscous paste. Don't add too much milk, otherwise the yam mud will be too thin)

Step 4
Pour the mixed yam paste into the pot and simmer slowly over low heat until thick. Turn off the fire

Step 5
Out of the pot, spread the yam mud evenly on the side plate.

Step 6
Draw an S-shape on the paved yam mud with a knife

Step 7
Sprinkle black sesame powder evenly on the S-shaped side. Black sesame powder uses yam mud as a circle, and yam mud uses black sesame powder as a circle.