Sanbei chicken is a famous dish in Jiangxi Province. It is named for its seasoning: a cup of rice wine, a cup of lard and a cup of soy sauce. Taiwan’s three cups of chicken, on the other hand, replaced lard with light edible oil. My principle is that the more classic dishes, the more self-made they feel interesting.


3 chicken legs
3 red pepper
Sliced scallion
Sliced ginger
Sliced garlic
Nine storey tower
Proper raw extract
Moderate old smoke
Proper amount of rock sugar
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Main materials are ready.

Step 2
Cut chicken legs into pieces, red pepper into horse ears, shred green onions, slice ginger and garlic, pick leaves of the nine storey tower and wash.

Step 3
Blanch the chicken leg meat in boiling water and remove it for standby.

Step 4
Heat the bottom oil in the pot and add ginger slices.

Step 5
Then add shredded green onion, garlic slices and stir fry with red pepper.

Step 6
Stir fry the chicken legs under the fire.

Step 7
Add rice wine, soy sauce and soy sauce to taste.

Step 8
Add rock sugar, stir fry, simmer over high heat, sprinkle the juice into the nine layer tower, turn it and start the pot.