Table style meat stewed Egg Rice


streaky pork
Marinated Egg
soy sauce
Rock sugar
Green onion
Cooking wine
Persimmon pepper


Step 1
Prepare the material first: wash the streaky pork; Scallion segments; Ginger slices; Pepper is also cut into small pieces; Beat the garlic with a knife.

Step 2
Blanch the whole streaky pork in a hot water pan, then take it out and cut it into large pieces, or cut it into acceptable size.

Step 3
Add some oil into the frying pan, first add some scallion and garlic, fry a little, then take out, then add pork, stir fry pork with just scallion and garlic oil, then add just fried scallion and garlic, as well as new scallion and garlic, as well as big sauce, ginger, pepper, stir fry evenly, pour in soy sauce, stir fry until colored.

Step 4
At this time, pour in water, to have no pork, and then add seasonings: rock sugar, salt, cooking wine, bring to a boil, and then turn to low heat stew, at least stew for 1 hour~

Step 5
If you make your own marinated eggs, you need to put in all the seasonings and then put in the eggs. You can put in several shelled white boiled eggs and stew them together. Finally, you have marinated eggs.

Step 6
Finally, put the stewed pork, chopped marinated bean curd and marinated eggs on the rice. You can also put some pickled cucumber strips and dried radish. As for green vegetables, you can add them to the control meat rice, or you can make another green vegetables stir fry~