Wife cake has always been one of my mother’s favorite snacks, thin skin, thick filling, filling heart moist, soft and smooth, sweet but not greasy. This time, according to the formula of Feixue Wushuang, the wife cake is really crisp and waxy.


60g low gluten flour
15g lard
15g white granulated sugar
30 g water
40g low gluten flour
20G lard
40g glutinous rice flour
15g white granulated sugar
40g water
10g coconut
20G corn oil
15g sesame
10g egg liquid


Step 1
Mix the sugar, water and oil in the excipients and bring to a boil

Step 2
Add in the glutinous rice flour and coconut. Mix well to form the filling

Step 3
The main ingredients are mixed and kneaded into smooth dough to form oil skin, and the auxiliary ingredients are mixed with medium low gluten flour and lard to form pastry

Step 4
The crust and pastry are divided into 6 parts

Step 5
Glutinous rice stuffing is also divided into 6 parts

Step 6
Wrap the dough in the pastry and close it up

Step 7
Slowly rolling long; Too soon it broke

Step 8
Roll up the short edge

Step 9
Do six in turn, cover with plastic film, and let stand for 15 minutes

Step 10
Roll it long again, roll it up and let it stand for 15 minutes

Step 11
Fold it in half and roll it into a circle. Then wrap it in glutinous rice

Step 12
After closing, press flat and roll gently

Step 13
Scratch twice, brush with egg, sprinkle with sesame

Step 14
Bake at 165 ℃ for 20 minutes (brush the egg liquid again in the last 5 minutes)