Wife cake is a characteristic traditional name in Chaozhou, Guangdong. It is said that during the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasties, the rulers of the Yuan Dynasty continued to collect all kinds of wife cakes from the people. The people were oppressed and plundered seriously. There were an endless stream of uprisings all over the country. The most representative team was the uprising army led by Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang’s wife Ma was a very smart man, At the beginning of the uprising, because there were many wars at that time, the food was often not enough, and the army had to run east and west to fight. In order to facilitate the sergeant to carry dry food, Ma came up with something that could be eaten, such as wheat and white gourd. They were ground into powder, made into cakes, and distributed to the sergeant. It was not only convenient to carry, but also can be eaten anytime and anywhere, It played a great help in marching and fighting. Because the cakes made from such a mess of things are difficult to eat, smart people update the method on the basis of this kind of cake. Finally, people find that the cakes made with sugar white gourd, wheat flour, cake powder, caramel, sesame and other raw materials are very delicious, sweet and delicious. This is the ancestor of wife cake.


90g high powder (water oil skin)
90g water (water oil skin)
110g low powder (water oil skin)
25g sugar (water oil skin)
70g butter (water oil skin)
70g corn oil (pastry)
90g high gluten flour (pastry)
60g low gluten flour (pastry)
115g glutinous rice flour (filling part)
210g milk (filling part)
120g sugar (filling part)
30g white sesame (filling part)
25g coconut paste (filling part)
50g butter (filling part)


Step 1
Put glutinous rice flour into a non stick pot, fry until slightly yellow, cool and put it together with sesame and coconut paste for standby

Step 2
Put the milk, sugar and butter into the pot

Step 3
Heat until the butter melts and bubbles, and then add the mixture in step 1

Step 4
Stir fry until a ball is formed. Cool and set aside

Step 5
Put all the ingredients of the water and oil skin into the toaster, knead them until they are covered with film, and put them in the fresh-keeping bag for 45 minutes

Step 6
Mix the pastry materials, divide the pastry and pastry into 20 parts respectively, cover with fresh-keeping film and let stand for 15 minutes

Step 7
Take a pastry and wrap it in a pastry

Step 8
After all the bags are wrapped, let it stand for 15 minutes

Step 9
Take a dosage and roll it into the shape of ox tongue

Step 10
Roll up from top to bottom

Step 11
Complete in sequence

Step 12
Take another dose

Step 13
Roll up from top to bottom

Step 14
Complete in sequence

Step 15
Press it from the middle with a rolling pin

Step 16
Fold both sides to the middle

Step 17
Wrap in a filling

Step 18
Closing down

Step 19
Press flat

Step 20
Put it in the oven and preheat it for 160 degrees

Step 21
Brush layer egg liquid

Step 22

Step 23
Sprinkle a layer of sesame seeds, put them into the preheated oven, fire 160 degrees up and down, middle and lower layers, 20 minutes

Step 24
It's out

Step 25

Step 26
The outer skin is crispy and the inner filling is soft and waxy

Step 27
It's delicious