Potato, also known as potato, is called Yangshan taro in some places. Potato is rich in potassium and dietary fiber. It is a very good food with high potassium and low sodium. It is very suitable for edema obese people.


150g potatoes
20G green pepper
10ml edible oil
Proper amount of salt
10ml vinegar


Step 1
Ingredients: potatoes, green peppers, garlic, edible oil, salt, vinegar.

Step 2
The green pepper is seeded and cut into shreds. Beat the garlic flat with the back of the knife to remove the garlic coat.

Step 3
The potatoes are peeled and cut into shredded potatoes. The cut shredded potatoes should be washed with water repeatedly for several times to wash away the starch. The fried shredded potatoes taste more crisp. Fried potatoes are crispy, which is a key step.

Step 4
Put the washed potato shreds into the leaky net to control the water. Drain the water as much as possible, otherwise the fried potato shreds will become boiled potato shreds.

Step 5
Put oil in a hot pot, add garlic and stir fry until fragrant.

Step 6
Add shredded potatoes and stir fry for one minute. The fire is too small. Shredded potatoes are easy to be stewed and crisp.

Step 7
Add green pepper, add an appropriate amount of salt and vinegar, continue to stir fry for one minute, and you can start the pot.

Step 8
Cypress, the war horse comes out and the cooking is flying

Step 9
A plate of crispy shredded potatoes is ready for appetizer.