Grass cake is a special traditional snack in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Taiwan and southern Fujian. The taste is very soft, waxy, chewy and q-shaped. The glutinous rice skin is full of fragrance, and the delicate filling has a wonderful taste of instant melting. It is a kind of healthy snack, which is sweet but not greasy, crystal clear, elegant and generous.


45g glutinous rice flour
35g sticky rice noodles
20G clear noodles
20G osmanthus tea
150g milk
5g salad oil
40g white granulated sugar
200g lotus seed paste
Appropriate amount of cake powder


Step 1
Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour, clear noodles, white granulated sugar, salad oil, milk, lotus paste, sweet scented osmanthus, etc;

Step 2
Osmanthus in advance tea, cool;

Step 3
Mix milk, salad oil, osmanthus tea and sugar until sugar melts;

Step 4
Mix glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and chengmian, mix and brush;

Step 5
Pour the brushed powder into the milk mixing liquid, and mix the non granular flour paste;

Step 6
Brush the paste twice, and the finer and even the skin will be;

Step 7
The paste was wrapped with fresh-keeping film and left for 30 minutes;

Step 8
Boil appropriate amount of water in the steamer and steam for 20 minutes;

Step 9
When the steamed batter is hot, stir until smooth and shiny;

Step 10
Cool slightly and knead into a smooth ball;

Step 11
15 grams of a small ball as the grass cake skin; To prevent sticking, use pastry powder by hand.

Step 12
Flatten, add 10 grams of lotus paste stuffing, tighten the mouth;

Step 13
Then make it into a round or oval shape, sprinkle with Osmanthus fragrans, refrigerate in the refrigerator, taste better.