On the weekend morning, it’s time for me to do my best. Today, I made a sweet breakfast for my husband. Tea fruit is the new year to relatives, relatives back to the gift, round one by one, generally steamed soft to eat. I broke it in half and boiled it with sweet potatoes. Sweet and smooth, sweet potatoes absorb the oil of tea fruit, so tea fruit is not greasy to eat!


250 g sweet potato
15g rock sugar
Appropriate amount of ginger slices
250g tea fruit


Step 1
After peeling and slicing sweet potato, soak it in water to prevent oxidation and blackening. Break the tea fruit in half and set aside

Step 2
Bring water to a boil and add ginger slices and sweet potatoes

Step 3
Cover and cook for 20 minutes

Step 4
Add tea fruit

Step 5
Cover and cook for 5 minutes

Step 6
Add the right amount of rock sugar (you can add more if you like sweet), and cook for 1 minute

Step 7
Put it in a bowl and finish. Delicious sweet potato, tea and fruit breakfast