Because I had been in Guangdong before, my aunt next door would bring us sweet potato syrup and mung bean syrup every summer. It’s simple, but it doesn’t taste bad. It doesn’t take long. You can try it


100g purple potato
100g sweet potato
1 small piece of ginger
Appropriate amount of brown sugar
Three red dates


Step 1
Cut purple potato, sweet potato, ginger slice, red date and brown sugar and set asideļ¼ˆ It is suggested that you can directly use sweet potato or add some yams, because the color of my sweet water with purple potato is not so good-looking

Step 2
Put all the prepared materials except brown sugar into the rice cooker and add appropriate amount of water

Step 3
Boil for about 15 minutes, add brown sugar (turn off the heat or power after the sugar melts), stir well and serve in a bowl.