Sweet potato powder, made from sweet potato, is a special food in Hunan. It is said that sweet potato powder is very low in calories, much lower than ordinary rice, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat after eating, instead, it can play a role in reducing weight.


300g sweet potato powder
200g pork
2 tbsp peanut oil
4 g salt
30g carrot
50g onion
50g cabbage
2 tbsp soy sauce


Step 1
The sweet potato vermicelli should be cooked first

Step 2
Then remove the supercooled water

Step 3
Shred cabbage, carrot and onion separately

Step 4
Add oil into the frying pan and stir fry the minced meat until it turns to color. Remove

Step 5
Add oil, saute onion until fragrant, then add cabbage and shredded carrots and saute until soft

Step 6
Then add minced meat, salt, soy sauce and stir well

Step 7
Then join the fans

Step 8
Stir well again