It’s the sweet potato season again. You can’t miss such a good thing. We all know the efficacy of sweet potato. It can prevent cancer and cancer, improve beauty and prevent constipation… There are countless benefits.


230g cooked sweet potato
100g glutinous rice flour
20G sugar
120 g water
Appropriate amount of jujube paste filling or bean paste filling
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients you need. Weigh sweet potato, glutinous rice flour, jujube paste (or bean paste) and sugar.

Step 2
If the sweet potato is raw, first steam it in a pot, remove the skin while it is hot, and crush it into mud.

Step 3
Add glutinous rice flour, water, white sugar, white sugar can not be put, I like to eat sweet, so put a little less, press and mix into a ball.

Step 4
Knead well and let stand for 5 minutes. I'm lazy. I brush as little as possible. I don't need a chopping board. I directly pull out a small piece of dough by hand, rub it round on my hand, press the palm flat, cut a mouth directly on the bag filled with jujube paste or bean paste, squeeze it on the pressed sweet potato cake, close it and knead it round.

Step 5
Put it on a plate, press it flat and form a small round cake. All others shall be done in turn.

Step 6
Heat the non stick pot, pour in a little edible oil, not too much. Put the sweet potato glutinous rice cake into the pot and fry it slowly over low heat.

Step 7
Fry one side until golden, turn over and fry the other side. Both sides are golden, and the sweet potato cake is cooked.

Step 8
Put it on the table and eat.