In the past, when the unit organized to go to the Northeast restaurant for dinner, this dish was a must. I completely fell in love with it the first time I ate it. Later, I studied it for half a year and finally met it. So far, this dish has become my signature dish


400g sweet potato
80g sugar
40g peanut oil
A little white sesame
4 slices of round lettuce


Step 1
Peel and wash sweet potatoes

Step 2
Cut into pieces. I like to cut into irregular shapes. The size is uniform. It will be better when frying. The shape can be cut according to your own

Step 3
Put hot oil on the pot, pour sweet potatoes into the pot and fry

Step 4
Deep fry until golden. When it's ripe, you can take it out and drain the oil

Step 5
After pouring the oil out of the pot, leave a little oil in the pot, pour in the sugar and boil the sugar over a low heat

Step 6
Boil all the sugar and melt it

Step 7
Then pour the fried sweet potatoes in and stir well

Step 8
Put a layer of lettuce on the plate so that the oil won't stick to the plate. It's beautiful and easy to clean the plate. This step can also be omitted, but I personally think I'm still used to it

Step 9
Mixed sweet potatoes can be put into the pot. Sprinkle a layer of fried white sesame on the sweet potatoes, which will be more beautiful and fragrant