The silk pulling dish is golden and delicious


3 sweet potatoes
Proper oil
100g white granulated sugar


Step 1
Wash towel gourd and peel it

Step 2
Cutting hob block

Step 3
Soak in a cold water bowl, wash the starch and drain

Step 4
Fill the pot with oil, heat it, and add sweet potato

Step 5
Deep fry until chopsticks can penetrate

Step 6
Remove the oil control tray for standby

Step 7
Pot bottom oil

Step 8
Add sugar

Step 9
Keep the fire low and stir gently with a shovel to melt the sugar

Step 10
Slowly cook the sugar until light brown and red, and the foam will turn from big to small. Then turn off the fire and pour into the sweet potato and stir fry evenly.

Step 11
Put it on a plate smeared with sesame oil