I’m tired of sweet potato. Add some dates to change my mood!


A sweet potato
10 Ruoqiang red dates
50g white granulated sugar
Proper oil


Step 1
One fresh white gourd and 10 Ruoqiang red dates.

Step 2
Wash the red dates and soak in hot water for a while.

Step 3
Peel and wash white gourd.

Step 4
Cut into even hob pieces.

Step 5
Deep fry sweet potatoes in an oil pan.

Step 6
Deep fry until sweet potatoes are soft and golden.

Step 7
Remove the oil control with a leaky spoon.

Step 8
Put a spoonful of water into the wok and add enough sugar. Heat slowly over medium heat.

Step 9
When the sugar is almost boiled (it becomes viscous, you can lift the thread).

Step 10
Pour in the fried sweet potato and stir fry quickly.

Step 11
Add drained red dates and stir fry evenly.

Step 12
Turn off the fire after the sweet potato is completely wrapped in the sweet potato.

Step 13
Take out the pot and put it on a plate. Chopsticks pick up, wisps, sweet.