When I came home at the weekend, my son in junior high school told me excitedly that the teacher had arranged a very special homework and would take photos and submit them to the parents’ wechat group.


500g spare ribs
A spoonful of oil
Pinch of salt
Two octagons
A piece of cinnamon
Some pepper
Some dried red peppers
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of white vinegar
A spoonful of cooking wine
2G white pepper
A spoonful of sugar


Step 1
Chop the ribs into small pieces

Step 2
Put it into the pot with cold water. After the water boils, skim the foam

Step 3
Add star anise, cinnamon and red pepper to stew until the ribs can be easily picked in with chopsticks and removed. Keep the soup for standby

Step 4
When cooking ribs, mix raw soy sauce, white vinegar, cooking wine, salt and sugar into sauce

Step 5
Heat the oil pan, pour the sauce into the pan and bring to a boil

Step 6
Pour in the ribs and stir fry until all the ribs are covered with sauce

Step 7
Pour the water to cook the ribs into the pot, and the ribs will not be eaten

Step 8
Boil over high heat until the juice is collected

Step 9
finished product