We stay at home without going out, and our activities will be limited. It is not suitable for eating more fish and meat. This dish has always been called “natural digestive agent”, which can decompose starch and fat in food, promote food digestion and inhibit excessive gastric acid. It’s inconvenient to buy vegetables recently. I ordered some from the fresh food store. It’s crisp and delicious. It’s very fresh. It’s so simple to mix. Even children like to eat it.


2 water radishes
2 tablespoons honey
A little rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar


Step 1
Wash radish with water

Step 2
Cut the turnip in half, most of it into pieces, and then cut a triangle on the head, as shown in the figure. When placing the plate, you can put it at the bottom

Step 3
Put sugar and honey in the container

Step 4
Pour appropriate amount of rice vinegar into honey and sugar, then add a little mineral water and stir evenly

Step 5
Put the sliced radish in and marinate for about 10 minutes. The radish can be eaten with a little Microsoft

Step 6
Set the plate. First put the turnip slices cut into triangles on the edge of the plate, so it can look three-dimensional

Step 7
Put the radish slices in the middle and pour in the soup. This dish is ready