200g hairtail
5g cooking wine
2 g salt
15g starch
3 G ginger
5g scallion
15g white vinegar
20G white granulated sugar
15g ketchup
50 ml water


Step 1
Put 200g hairtail into a bowl, add 5g cooking wine, 2G salt and 15g starch, and marinate for 20 minutes

Step 2
Heat the oil in a wok, pour 5ml of edible oil, and fry the hairtail until both sides are golden

Step 3
In another pot, add 3G shredded ginger and 5g chopped scallion, and burst into fragrance over high fire

Step 4
Add 15g white vinegar, 20g white granulated sugar, 15g tomato paste and 50ml water, and mix well

Step 5
Pour in hairtail

Step 6
Just collect the juice over high heat