Life is not just about staying in front of you, but also accompanied by delicious food.


300g tenderloin
Moderate salad oil
Moderate white sugar
Medium tomato sauce
Moderate white vinegar
Moderate cooking wine
Moderate salt
50g starch
50g white flour


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, slice the tenderloin, add cooking wine, starch and appropriate salt, and marinate for 15 minutes,

Step 2
Add starch and flour in the basin, add water and open it,

Step 3
Pour in the marinated tenderloin and stir to bring to a boil

Step 4
Heat the oil pan to 5 minutes, add the tenderloin, fry it slowly over low heat, fry it until golden yellow, take out the oil

Step 5
Leave the oil at the bottom of the pot, pour in white sugar and stir to turn it into jujube red

Step 6
Pour in tomato sauce, vinegar and a little water

Step 7
Stir fry, add the fried tenderloin and stir fry out of the pot

Step 8