Today’s dish is for good students who have handed in their homework ~ sweet and sour dishes. Everyone likes them, and I don’t have to say it ~ “sweet and sour tenderloin” is red and bright. It has a super appetite. It tastes sour and sweet, crisp outside and tender inside, which makes people have a big appetite! I prefer sweet and sour pork tenderloin to sweet and sour pork ribs, because I don’t have to spit bones. It’s convenient and full of meat. Ha ha, it’s super satisfied! Especially the children, they like this dish very much. As soon as they are on the table, they all rush to eat it. They can eat the CD in an instant!


750g pork tenderloin
Three garlic
Thirteen incense


Step 1
Prepare ingredients, shred pork tenderloin and garlic

Step 2
Marinate the starch egg with a little salt and pork tenderloin for 10 to 5 minutes

Step 3
Heat the pot and add oil. When 70% hot, quickly add the tenderloin (one by one). If you are a novice, divide the meat into two waves, one wave by one, fry for two minutes, finalize the shape, fish out, put in the other half, fry for two minutes and fish out

Step 4
Heat the oil in the pot and prepare to fry again. Put the fried meat into the pot and fry it again for two minutes~

Step 5
Fried meat can be eaten directly~

Step 6
Put a little oil in the hot pot, add minced garlic and stir fry until fragrant, add sugar and vinegar juice, gas bubbles, turn off the fire, add fried meat and stir fry evenly~

Step 7
Let's eat it. It's sour and sweet. It's very delicious~