The family loves this dish. It is sour, sweet and refreshing. It is appetizer. It can be matched with three meals a day. In particular, it uses high-quality organic old vinegar. It tastes more pure. It can be eaten for a long time.


750g cucumber
150g cowpea horn
Proper amount of sugar
Proper amount of purple perilla seed
Proper amount of fennel
1 onion
300g organic vinegar


Step 1
Wash cowpea horn, cucumber and onion.

Step 2
Prepare excipients, white sugar, perilla seeds, fennel and organic vinegar.

Step 3
Slice the cucumber, cut the cowpea horn, slice the onion and put it into a container.

Step 4
Add sugar, salt, perilla seeds and fennel seeds, and sprinkle with organic vinegar.

Step 5
Steam in the drawer for 10 minutes. I'll make 2 pots of these ingredients.

Step 6
Take out the pot and buy high-quality old vinegar. Tmall search [cucu flagship store].