Recently, my mother bought fresh Suzi leaves on the street and asked me to make Suye cake with her. Suye cake is a Manchu food and a food that Liaoning people like to eat very much. I am an excellent dessert, but I also prefer sticky food, so it is also my favorite. I love the taste of Suzi leaf most. Suzi leaf can not only make Suzi cake delicious, but also make spicy Suzi leaf pickles. It is also super refreshing. I will make it for you sometime


500g glutinous rice flour
150g red beans
100g Perilla
60g sugar
10g salad oil


Step 1
Wash the fresh perilla leaves

Step 2
Scald it with hot water to remove the water

Step 3
Wash the red beans and soak them for about half a day. Cook them in a pressure cooker until they are soft and rotten. Add white sugar and mash them while they are hot. If the bean paste filling is too damp and moist, fry it

Step 4
Blanch glutinous rice flour with boiling water for about half, add cold water and mix well, and wake up for more than 30 minutes

Step 5
Divide into small dough, the size of steamed stuffed bun skin, dip a little water with your hand, take a piece of dough, knead and roll the cake, not too thin

Step 6
Put a spoonful of bean paste in the middle of the dough and wrap it into a ball

Step 7
Wrap both sides with a leaf

Step 8
After wrapping, place it neatly on the steam curtain, brush the surface with edible oil, steam over high fire, turn off the fire about 15 minutes after boiling, and open the lid after another 5 minutes