My son loves to eat fish with pickled vegetables, but as a Buddhist mother, he always makes himself scared when he kills fish fillets. So later, I simply went to the supermarket to buy ready-made sashimi fillet or cod pieces, and then I bought a package of pickled fish from jixiangju to make the delicious pickled fish my son likes. Those who love to eat sour Kwai fish, and are unwilling or lazy to fish fillets, can try my super lazy version of sauerkraut fish:


500g raw fish fillet
Half package of jixiangju pickled fish
Appropriate amount of warm water or hot water
A little salt
Proper amount of peanut oil


Step 1
Prepare the condiments for sauerkraut fish, including sauerkraut bag, salted fish bag, sauce bag and seasoning bag.

Step 2
Thaw the fish fillet and cut it into small pieces according to personal preference.

Step 3
Add proper amount of peanut oil into the frying pan to dry the water;

Step 4
Cold oil into half a packet of sauerkraut, stir fry fragrance;

Step 5
Then put in half a packet of sauce, stir fry quickly and evenly;

Step 6
Pour in some warm water or hot water;

Step 7
After boiling, pour in the cut fish fillet. When boiling again, put in half a packet of seasoning, add a little salt, stir evenly, cook for 5 minutes, and then the fish fillet can be out of the pot;

Step 8
Out of the pot, with rice is the best partner, and eat meat and soup, very delicious:)