Chicken wings are a favorite of many people, especially common in barbecue and brine. The delicacy of chicken wings lies in its freshness and delicacy. The combination of skin tissue and muscle is not greasy. It’s delicious. It’s great no matter what kind of cooking you use! Chicken wings contain more collagen, which can replenish the middle and replenish qi. Beauty lovers should eat more


10 chicken wings
1 small can of coke
A little salt
1g white pepper
3 fragrant leaves
1 octagonal
1 cinnamon
50g rock sugar


Step 1
Before making, marinate chicken wings with a little salt and pepper for half an hour, and then fry them at high temperature. Deep frying can not only remove the fishy smell of chicken wings, but also tighten the cortex, and the taste will be better after brine

Step 2
Add rock sugar into the oil under the pot and stir fry to make the sugar color

Step 3
Pour in chicken wings and stir fry

Step 4
Pour in coke and add a little salt

Step 5
Then add spices and start to marinate over medium heat until the juice is collected

Step 6
Then a very good taste of Coke chicken wings is finished