The delicious pork stuffing is stuffed into the sweet white gourd, steamed and poured with suitable juice. It is a very delicious health dish. Meat and vegetable collocation, healthy steaming, low oil and low fat, clearing heat, removing dampness and swelling, and enhancing immunity.


200g pork
250g white gourd
10ml oil
3 g salt
5ml raw extract
5g cooking wine
6 g Sugar
8g scallion and ginger
10g starch


Step 1
Stir pork stuffing with oil, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, onion and ginger in one direction

Step 2
Wash the white gourd

Step 3
Peel and pulp white gourd

Step 4
Cut white gourd into appropriate width, and then cut into pieces with blades

Step 5
Stir the meat stuffing and stuff it with white gourd

Step 6
The stuffed white gourd is steamed in a steamer

Step 7
Pour the soup juice of steamed white gourd into the pot and add raw extract

Step 8
Add sugar

Step 9
Add salt and pour water into the lake powder to form juice

Step 10
Pour the juice onto the steamed white gourd and enjoy.