Yam can be fried or boiled in soup. It can also be made into snacks such as sugar gourd. Yesterday, I made strawberry jam. Today, I am just making yam ice cream with yam. It really tastes awesome.


2 yams
Proper milk
1 tablespoon strawberry jam


Step 1
After the yam is cleaned, it is steamed in a pot and then peeled

Step 2
Remove the peeled yam and grind it into mud while it is hot (because the yam itself has no taste, you have to add some milk to make the milk flavor of ice cream. The amount of milk should be appropriate. Don't be too thin. It can't form a shape if it is too thin)

Step 3
Stir well, squeeze the yam paste into a bowl with a flower mounting bag for cake, and coat the surface with strawberry jam