This week’s work is really busy and tired. New models need to be quoted, new parts need to be tested, colleagues have a resignation party, and some things are in a pile. The 8-hour working hours are full. Sometimes, they forget to drink water all morning and come home from work. They are really tired and don’t want to move anything. They just want to sit there and have a good rest, Let alone have the energy to play with the child. At most, we can only take time to check the homework assigned to him.


800g pork
200g leek
Proper dumpling skin
1 egg
30ml oyster sauce
1g pepper
1g five spice powder
3 g Sugar
5g refined salt
15g ginger
30ml soy sauce
1g original fresh
10ml sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare fresh front meat.

Step 2
Wash and drain, peel and cut into small pieces, and chop the ginger.

Step 3
Add to the cleaned cooking cup in batches.

Step 4
Stir in slightly coarse minced meat.

Step 5
Add spices other than sesame oil in the ingredients.

Step 6
Stir vigorously in the same direction and marinate for 30 minutes.

Step 7
Pick and wash the leeks.

Step 8
Dry the water with kitchen paper and cut into pieces.

Step 9
Pour into a bowl and add a small amount of salt and five spice powder.

Step 10
Mix well and pour in sesame oil.

Step 11
Take 300 grams of marinated meat puree. (keep other meat fillings)

Step 12
Mix well.

Step 13
Take the dumpling skin, roll it out a little, and put the stuffing in the middle, which can be more appropriate.

Step 14
Wipe water on the edge and cover with a dumpling skin.

Step 15
Press out the pattern with a fork after bonding.

Step 16
Make all straw hat cake seeds in turn.

Step 17
Brush a thin layer of oil in the pot and put down the straw hat cake germ.

Step 18
Fry slowly over medium heat

Step 19
Fry until golden on both sides.