Durian is the king of fruits, with a variety of vitamins and rich nutrition. Guangdong people call it “three chickens for one Durian”《 It is said in Cihai and compendium of Materia Medica that this is no exaggeration. Now let me tell you the function and precautions of durian. I hope it can help you


Appropriate amount of Durian
400g light cream
Three eggs
50g powdered sugar
120g low gluten flour
250g pure milk
10 grams of butter
15g corn starch


Step 1
Open 3 eggs, add 30g sugar powder, 15g starch, 250g milk, put 10g butter into the microwave oven to melt and add together. Remember to pour the butter after melting, and there should be no water when melting the butter

Step 2
Take 120g of low gluten flour with a filter and add it to the just stirred milk. Stir it evenly. If there are lumps after stirring, just filter the batter and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Step 3
Add the remaining 20g of powdered sugar into 400g of light cream three times. Beat the cream for 5 minutes, then put a little powdered sugar into the cream. Beat the cream into the cream with a blender. You can stand on chopsticks

Step 4
Wipe a little butter on the bottom of the pot to prevent paste. Spread the cake skin with the minimum heat. Don't make it too hot, because it's very good. If it's too hot, it's easy to paste. Take a spoon to dig a spoon of batter and pour it into the pot. Move the pan to spread the batter evenly. After the surface bubbles, it's cooked without turning over

Step 5
After the durian is seeded and made into mud, a layer of dough is smeared with a layer of cream and a layer of durian mud is repeatedly operated

Step 6
It's finished