Today’s fried shredded potato with celery is very simple. It tastes light and refreshing. It’s slightly spicy. It’s especially popular in a large table of meat dishes. It’s also a handy dish for novices in the kitchen. If the shredded potato and shredded celery are boiled too cold, it’s OK to cook a pepper chili oil in soy. You don’t have to be in a hurry to be afraid of being splashed by hot oil on your arms and hands.


1 potato
Half a celery
2 dry red peppers
1 pinch of pepper
A little scallion
A little monosodium glutamate
A little ginger
Proper amount of salt
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Peel and wash the potatoes, break off the celery, remove the old silk and wash

Step 2
Cut the celery with an oblique knife, so that you can cut off the old silk of celery, and the fried celery is crisp and tender

Step 3
Shred or wipe the potatoes, wash them with clean water for several times, wash away the starch, and chop up the onions, ginger and peppers respectively (or stir fry the pepper and peppers directly without onions and ginger, which is also very delicious)

Step 4
Boil water in the pot and blanch the celery for a while

Step 5
Continue to boil the water, blanch the shredded potatoes until they are broken, and remove them

Step 6
Pour celery and potato shreds into cold boiled water, cool and control the water to dry

Step 7
Heat the wok, pour oil, put pepper and saute until fragrant, saute onion, ginger and chili again, and then turn off the fire

Step 8
Pour in celery and potato shreds, add salt and monosodium glutamate, and mix well