I like to eat zucchini. Fried or fried meat is delicious. It can also be used as stuffing. Fresh and juicy, with a faint sweet taste, and the method is also very simple.


1 zucchini
4 cloves garlic
Half a red pickled pepper
Proper amount of Dexi camellia seed oil
1 tsp salt


Step 1
The zucchini planed away the bumps, the old skin, and then sliced and shredded. Shredded red pickled pepper. This is not spicy. It looks good. Garlic slices.

Step 2
Heat the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, first saute garlic slices, and then stir fry shredded pepper for half a minute.

Step 3
Pour in zucchini shreds and stir fry until soft.

Step 4
Add a small spoonful of salt, stir fry evenly, melt the salt, remove from the pot and place on a plate. Don't put salt too early for vegetable dishes. Generally, put it before starting the pot.

Step 5
Good ecological tea oil, search de Xi tea oil in Jingdong.