As one of the traditional famous dishes of the Han nationality in Guangdong Province, Changfen is a kind of rice product. It is called Changfen because it looks like pig intestines. This product is to grind old rice water into rice pulp, spread it on a clean cloth, steam it in a pot, add meat and seasonal vegetables and fry it.


100g vermicelli
5g shredded red pepper
5g shredded ginger
10g oyster sauce
5g soy sauce
5g scallion


Step 1
Preparation of raw materials: I usually use the method of oblique cutting when I buy the vermicelli, because it's easier to taste because of its large section

Step 2
Ingredients: shredded red pepper, shredded ginger and onion

Step 3
From the oil pot, the oil must be boiling, so that the powder will not stick to the pot. Add shredded ginger to give off fragrance

Step 4
Put the vermicelli in the pan and stir fry quickly to avoid sticking

Step 5
Then add oyster sauce and soy sauce and stir fry together. Turn down the heat at this time and let the vermicelli fry over a fine fire to produce some scorched flavor

Step 6
Under the red pepper, onion section, from the pot before a few drops of sesame oil fragrance. Just load the plate