The happiness in my heart is that I can have a simple meal with my husband, have a good health, spend my whole life together, and be contented! Today’s dish is home cooked. I started my business in the South with my husband for many years. Many of them have been affected by many factors, such as the climate in the south, Guangdong’s living and eating habits, and quietly changed. At every table in Guangdong, the most important thing is the green vegetables. Among them, the most distinctive one is the fried vegetable core with minced garlic. However, today, I eat by myself. I specially added a small red pepper which is not spicy. It has a little pepper flavor, which is also very good. A simple meal is the life of our ordinary people. Although it’s very homely, it’s necessary to have a day. Eat more vegetables and keep healthy.


350g vegetable heart
2 tbsp oil
4 garlic seeds
2 g salt
1 red pepper


Step 1
When the ingredients are ready, pick and cut the core

Step 2
First, add a little salt to the dish, soak it in water, wash it clean, and drench it with water

Step 3
Heat up the pan, saute the garlic and red peppers

Step 4
Add the vegetables quickly

Step 5
Open the fire and stir fry

Step 6
Add a little salt

Step 7
Stir evenly, you can out of the pot, the time should be fast, do not fry too long

Step 8
A Kwai fried vegetable can be served.