Stir fried shrimps with vegetables


300g shrimp
Two celeries
A little salt
A little chicken essence
A spoonful of mixed oil


Step 1
Remove the shelled shrimps and wash them. Use kitchen paper to suck up the water. Add minced ginger, a small spoonful of cooking wine, a small spoonful of dry starch and 1 / 2 teaspoon of salt. Wash and slice the celery, boil it in boiling water for half a minute, remove it in and out of cold water, cool it and drain it.

Step 2
Heat the pan with oil and stir fry the shrimps for half a minute.

Step 3
Add celery and carrot slices, add appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence, sprinkle with scallion, stir fry well, remove and plate.

Step 4
This is the finished product. It's not bad.