[Longjing shrimps] a fresh and elegant local dish. The shrimps are fresh and tender, and the tea is fragrant. With a pot of Longjing, it looks like you are on the Bank of the West Lake and the breeze blows your face~


250g shrimp
A pinch (about a small flat spoon) of Longjing tea
Three spoonfuls of egg white
A spoonful of cooking wine
1 / 3 tsp salt
A shallot


Step 1
Remove the shrimps from the shrimp line, rinse repeatedly in the water for several times, drain the water, and dip the water with kitchen paper for standby.

Step 2
Stir with chopsticks in one direction until the egg white is viscous.

Step 3
Put oil in the wok, stir the shrimps a little before putting them into the wok, stir them in the wok for about 20 seconds, and then put them out for standby when the skin changes color.

Step 4
Pour in three teaspoons of tea soup and all the tea leaves and stir fry a few times.