Stir fried shrimp with asparagus and corn


Corn kernels (yellow, dry)
green soya beans
Chicken essence
Oyster sauce
Yuanzhen sugar


Step 1
Peel the shrimp and leave the tail. Remove the shrimp thread and marinate with Shaoxing wine, salt and starch

Step 2
Peel asparagus and cut into oblique sections, and cut carrot flowers.

Step 3
Pot to do boiling water, put a little salt, oil, asparagus, corn, peas, carrot flowers fly out of water.

Step 4
Put oil in the pot, stir fry scallion, stir fry shrimp with ginger, add Guilin chili sauce, sugar and a little chicken essence to taste, stir fry with other raw materials, put out the pot and put it on a plate, sprinkle a little cooked oyster sauce to taste and decorate.