A gourmet we media person once described that there were only two ways to eat beef in Shantou, one was hot pot, the other was beef balls. After seeing it, I just said that you are a foreigner. There are also spiced beef, Shacha rice, touch meat rice and so on


500g rice straw
100g beef
1 mustard
Appropriate amount of sand tea sauce
1 tomato
Proper amount of fish sauce
Proper amount of water
Proper amount of edible oil
A small amount of raw powder


Step 1
500 grams of rice strips, 100 grams of beef slices, 1 mustard, 1 tomato, Sha Cha sauce, a small amount of raw meal, edible oil and fish sauce

Step 2
Mix beef slices with Sha Cha sauce, marinate and taste;

Step 3
Marinated beef slices are seasoned with a small amount of fish sauce;

Step 4
Wash the mustard and tomato, pick the mustard by hand and slice the tomato;

Step 5
Heat the oil in a hot pan. Fry the broccoli and tomato, add fish sauce and serve;

Step 6
Add a little cooking oil to the original pot, put in the stick, and turn it over with chopsticks;

Step 7
Stir until the strips are warm, add the mustard and tomato, stir well and serve;

Step 8
Add a little water and cornmeal to the sliced beef;

Step 9
Continue to heat the oil in a hot pan and add beef slices;

Step 10
Quickly stir fry beef slices until discoloration, turn off the fire and leave the induction cooker;

Step 11
Shovel the cooked beef slices into the plate with strips.